Moving Services

Are you aware of all of the services a moving company may offer? Which ones are worth the expense?

Generally speaking, a reputable New York moving company will offer a variety of services and will have been in operation for many years. When looking for a mover, the breadth of service offerings may be an indicator of a reliable company.

Local and Long Distance Moving

Companies that have been in business for many years develop the resources and connections to carry out long distance moves. This usually includes interstate moves and in some cases, international moving as well. A company that provides this level of service is unlikely to be a fly-by-night scammer.


Large, reputable moving companies often have their own storage facilities. Why would you use their storage services? There could be many reasons. For example, if you’re moving into a smaller home and need somewhere to store some furniture temporarily because it won’t fit in your new home. Or maybe you have a vehicle that you’d like to keep in a safe location during the winter. There could be many reasons. If you’re considering using a moving company’s storage facility, make sure to visit it and ensure that it’s protected from the weather and has some surveillance or theft deterrent features. If the company refuses to let you tour the storage facility, that may be a red flag.

Packing and Crating

It’s common for movers in New York to offer packing services. This will often get you additional guarantees from them against damage of items during transit. In most cases, the moving crews are experienced in proper packing that would minimize damage. They have packing supplies like bubble wrap and wardrobe boxes that ensure safer transport for your belongings. Of course, this comes at an added expense. If you’d rather do it yourself, look into purchasing some packing supplies that will protect your fragile items. The moving company will usually be willing to sell you the supplies to do your own packing. More capable movers will also offer custom crating for items that don’t safely fit in a box such as large televisions, works of art, and other valuable or unusual pieces. If you require custom crating, it’s usually a good idea to let them do it rather than trying to build your own crates.

Business and Office Relocation

Whether you’re moving your household or your business, movers experienced in carrying out relocations for businesses are usually more capable and carry more trust. If businesses routinely trust the company with sensitive items like computers, servers, copy machines, and other fixtures that are integral to the business, it’s usually a safe bet that they’ll be able to handle moving your household items as well.